Main Street Classic Car Clocks Blog post 1

26th Feb 2023

This business has been a fascinating journey. It started when I learned to fix my own clock from my 1965 Rambler Ambassador Convertible. It now encompases literally thousands of clocks. In the last 10 years, I have owned nearly every clock made by American car manufacturers from the 30s through the 70s, a kind of obsession. They are beautiful individual expressions of period design from an industry that employed thousands of talented designers. And though they all do the same thing, their variations of shape, color, font and material, their design shadings, contribute to the overall essence of the car but are also complete expressions in their own right. One can see through the years the importance manufacturers placed on changing the design of the interiors, sometimes every year and sometimes going several years without changing the design of the clock or maybe with subtle changes such as hand or dial color. I will try to use this space to document some of those subtle changes which are largely lost to all but a few avid enthusiasts. This blog will also take its own direction and address aspects about the business and the repair of car clocks and also what you can expect from a clock you purchase from us.